Information About Winter Tires

Winter TiresSnow tires are a very important part of winter safety. The below questions will give you a better idea of some of the important parts of getting the right winter tire this season.

Why Should I Put Winter Tires On My Car?

You should swap out your current tires for a set of reliable snow tires when ice and snow begin to fall and accumulate on the roads. All Season tires should also be replaced with winter tires because they will be optimized for slick ice and frozen snow. While all-season tires are better than nothing, they are not ideal when you are thinking about the safety of yourself and your passengers. Without proper grip and traction, other safety components of your car like traction control and anti-lock brakes won't work as well as they should - if they work at all. If you've already paid for these additional safety measures on your vehicle, these tires are a smart investment that will help you get the most from your money.

What's Different About Winter Tires?

The difference between snow-capable tires and regular all season tires is found in the tread pattern. The tread is the groove system that is cur into the rubber. This helps give the tire traction and helps it grip the road better where other tires wouldn't. Winter tires are made specially to bite down into the snow and ice so that you can handle your care better and control it in bad conditions. The tires are also made with soft rubber and this allows them to conform to the road while also being flexible in cold temperatures. Normal tires are made with hard rubber so you would have a better chance of slipping and sliding while using these tires on winter roads.

Do I Need Four Winter Tires Or Can I Get Away With Two?

It is always recommended to replace all four tires instead of just two of them. Putting just two on doesn’t accomplish as much as you’d think, and can often result in a less safe car. If you put snow tires on the front of your FWD car, you are more like likely to spin out when you are taking a corner or braking, since there is a grip imbalance between the front and back of the car. If you put snow tires just in the back of the car, the front wheels will not be able to steer well no matter what is happening in the back of the car.

Can I Use My Winter Tires Year Round?

You technically can use them all year round but it is not recommended. Since snow tires are made from softer rubber, they wear down quicker - especially in warm weather. Rapid wear is the last thing you want on your snow tires since they depend on their deep treads to bite into snow! These tires also tend to be a bit noisier, so you may want to switch them out for a smoother and quieter ride when the snow has melted for good. The fact that you have snow tires also means you can get a pair of good summer tires that will provide a smooth ride and better traction in the rain during warmer months.